Paul Boomgaart
Paul BoomgaartChief Technology Officer

I was the kid in high school who spent hours in the computer lab coding for the sheer joy of it. Years later I’m still captivated by its ability to create technology that makes people’s lives easier. After earning my Computer Science degree in Austin, Texas I decided to get some work experience before returning to my Caribbean home of Curaçao. I was fortunate enough to land at a technology startup called Haystack Labs in 1996 - not fully understanding what a "startup" was. Two acquisitions and a ridiculously steep learning curve later, I was hooked.

Startups offered the innovation experience I fell in love with at 13... in lightspeed form. After a number of acquisitions, IPOs and alot more coding, I found myself drawn to a calling - which was to build and motivate teams with the same inspiration and passion I felt with coding. Since then, I have been focused on delivering great solutions as CIO/CTO at a number of young companies, while guiding and growing the amazing teams behind them.

At Innova, I'm motivated by two key objectives - creating more progressive ways to manage therapeutic care and guiding our development teams to remedy the innovation gap that currently exisits with Electronic Health Records software. Ultimately we want to reduce the amount of time therapist's spend online so they can get back to what they love... treating patients!

I have been married to my wonderful wife Claudia for more years than she will admit and we have been blessed with three boys, Michael, Alexander and Nicholas. Much like their father, they're math nerds, SCUBA divers and soccer players.