Our Way

Our Purpose

We want to energize and enrich the lives of our team members and client-partners by creating “powerfully simple” digital health care technologies in a dynamic and rewarding culture that enables people to reach their highest potential.

Our Mission

Deliver a next-generation EMR solution for post-acute rehab that makes it faster and easier to achieve clinical excellence throughout the patient’s rehabilitation journey.

Our Vision

Transform the way providers and their patients interact with digital health technology by delivering simple, yet powerful solutions that drive superior efficiencies and better patient care.

Customer Core Values

In the industry, and among our partnering facilities we we want to be recognized for the following...

  • Industry leader and trusted partner

  • User-focused design and development

  • Innovative and quality-driven

  • Recognized for clean product design and simple navigation

  • Dedicated to exceptional customer service and responsiveness

  • Straightforward and trustworthy

  • Smart and committed

  • Enjoyable to work with

Internal Core Values

Within our organization, we want our team members to be driven and inspired by the following core values...

  • We build products "people love"

  • Our high-performance culture demands accountability at every level

  • We “do the right thing” in our professional endeavors

  • We choose transparency over bureaucracy and politics

  • The best ideas win… regardless of where they come from

  • Customer engagement and utilization is our lifeblood

  • Big challenges generate BIG ideas

  • We respect and care for our team members, client-partners, and the patients they serve