Junaid Alam
Junaid AlamDirector of Engineering

At fourteen, an instructor introduced me to “GW Basic” programming language with a simple challenge… “if you can learn this language, the rest will come easy.” I took it to heart and started coding. Two years later, I became a certified web developer and could design any kind of website. That led to a path in Computer Science, and I started exploring mobile games, web applications, and Ai chatbots. No matter the project, I was loving it.

After graduating, I became intrigued with young technology companies, which led to a position with a Swedish start-up called Liveling, which was later acquired by Shoppable Videos. I moved on to lead teams of varying sizes with three additional software start-ups including Seebiz, a US based online sales portal and networking platform. Later, I worked with a company called Venrup that specialized in on-demand software development. That's when I happened to cross paths with Innova Health.

Now my second home, I'm currently leading the company's Development Team in Lahore, Pakistan with a focused mission to build a product clinicians will love! It started with the a vision of making EHR software a more dynamic and progressive solution. It’s been rewarding to see that vision realized after more than two-years of hard work... and a lot of late nights.

On the home front, I was the lone wolf in a family full of doctors who chose a different path, and I couldn't be happier about it. What’s made me even “happier” is my new wife “Aiza.” Despite the well-used metaphor… she truly does “complete me.” I've become a different person in her company, and even more attuned to living life with care, purpose and commitment.

My hobbies include traveling, photography, collecting watches and reading everything from self-help, to philosophy, to the unknown realms of the cosmos. I find myself deeply connected with nature and I've learned that it always finds a balance, even in the most chaotic circumstances. It’s become an inspiration personally and professionally… to be laser-focused around my aspirations and goals, but to remain happy and content in life, regardless of the outcome.