Jules Pedigree
Jules PedigreeVice President Professional Services

I first caught the healthcare tech bug 15 years ago on the "client" side, as Director of Operations for the largest non-profit human services provider in Western Massachusetts.  I was tasked with the implementation of an Electronic Medical Records system in over 30 facilities, and ensuring regulatory compliance throughout that network.  It was fascinating to see the transformational effects of converting the organization’s day-to-day activities into a more efficient computer environment. Even more impressive, was how quickly the technology created immediate operational value, from more streamlined workflows to data-driven insights that led to better clinical outcomes and improved quality of life. I was hooked.

Enjoying that career path, life demonstrated that it often does have “other plans.”  In this case, it came in the form of a “user error” that ultimately led to marriage… and an unplanned relocation when my soon-to-be husband inadvertently typed in the wrong zip code with Match.com.  To remedy his “geographically undesirable” status, I eventually joined him in Brooklyn, NY where it was time to embark on my next journey.  While raising two amazing girls in our family, I found my next work family at SigmaCare, a start-up company focused on Electronic Medical Records for Long-Term Care.

With the valuable lessons and insights gathered during my tenure with SigmaCare, I began my consulting career in a variety of business categories, but always found my way back to healthcare technology and operations.  Most recently, I was with Reliable Health Systems as Chief of Staff, where my primary focus has been to guide organizational effectiveness within the Electronic Medical Records Department.  One of my greatest accomplishments with this post was creating a trustworthy bridge between Client Services and the Software Development Team - which ultimately resulted in a higher quality product and enhanced service for clients.

If you’ve ever been house hunting, you know that unmistakable feeling when you walk into a house and you just know… it’s going to be your next “home.” That’s how I felt when I met the team at Innova. It just felt right, and I’m energized to be part of a young organization that’s committed to a technology platform that improves the user experience and ultimately helps patients get back on their feet!  In my role as Vice President, Professional Services, I’m committed to the development of a streamlined  On-Boarding process that sets our clients up for superior clinical and operational success.

When I’m not focused on that overarching goal, you’ll find me walking around Prospect Park, cheering-on the Mets with my husband Rob and our girls, Olivia and Ellie at Citi Field, or crushing the hearts of any brave souls willing to play me in ping pong.